Tracy D., Corte Madera

My 5-year old beagle, Dax, was a really nervous dog who was mostly afraid of everything, but could cope enough with the world to do performance events.  His favorite thing to do was sniff when he was nervous, so he sniffed a lot, including when he was on an agility course.

I reached out to Heather on the recommendation of my agility instructor, Anne Kejava. Heather suggested 2 products for Dax: 1) Vetri Science Composure, a small, soft chew and intended to relieve stress and calm the dog without affecting the energy level of the dog and Larch Bach Essence, which is intended to help with a lack of confidence. 

The difference, while taking a few weeks, has been night and day. He was a nervous beagle who would walk courses when he just didn’t feel like running any more or wouldn’t even start at all. He just didn’t look like he was having that much fun at trials, but he had a blast in class! When he would focus, he was brilliant and really consistent! It had gotten to the point, I was debating if I should retire him from competition so he didn’t have to do something that made him miserable.

But after these “supplements” he is a completely different dog. He is RUNNING every course I ask him to. He is now faster that I know how to handle, when before I was doing all I could to keep him moving with our big issue being making it through the course under time.

Just one week after starting the Larch/Composure combo, my slow dog not only qualified in AKC Masters JWW but got 3rd place out of 4 dogs picking up 6 MACH points! He had qualified before, but he has never run faster than another dog. He is usually just above course time if he even Qs at all. He went on to place in 4 more events over the next 2 months!

I am over the moon with his transformation and I will recommend Heather to anyone who will listen!