Tammy H., Corte Madera

My 5 year old, 80 lb chow/golden mix, Leo, ruptured his right CCL. After weeks seeing veterinary specialists, researching the pros and cons of surgery, and losing sleep, I decided to try conservative management. We embarked on a regimen of supplements, weight loss, acupressure and massage with Wags ‘n Wellness and Leo quickly started showing remarkable recovery.

Heather relieves muscle tension and stretches Leo, gradually improving his range of motion and encouraging even use of his muscles, thus facilitating the healing process. I wasn’t sure I would ever see him run and play after that serious injury. Just three months after initiating treatment with Heather Sanders, Leo was bearing weight evenly across his hindlegs. Now, after his sessions with Heather, he bounds with the flexibility and energy of a puppy.
We continue to see Heather regularly to keep Leo in the best possible condition.

Acupressure and massage have proven to be a great way to relieve tension, pain and inflammation associated with arthritis in his spine. I feel very confident in Heather’s skill and see her as a partner in developing the best health plan for my boy. Her evaluations help me to ensure he’ll be healthy and active for years to come. Wags ‘n Wellness has been a wonderful addition to our lives.