Kim C., San Francisco

My 14.5 year old boy, Riley, went from a very active and energetic dog to almost immobile overnight; he was in too much pain to move. After 1000’s of dollars worth of tests, vet visits, x-rays and medication, no cause or solution could be found by my vets other than keeping a fentanyl patch on him at all times to help control the pain. Though he did eventually start to move around again, it was with obvious difficulty. Fortunately, I found Heather a few weeks after the onset of his symptoms. In the time that she has been working with him, his energy and mobility have markedly improved. She has since begun working on my little worry wort dog, Maggie May, to help reduce her anxiety and minimize her obsessions. In addition to being a skilled and articulate healer, Heather is a pleasure to be around.