Janet M. & Deanna G., San Francisco

We hired Heather to help with our cockapoo, Charlie’s, obsessive itching. We saw Heather once a week for 2 months and saw a marked improvement in Charlie’s behavior. Heather is the first professional to see that Charlie’s itching is related to anxiety, rather than a food allergy. (We had previously changed her diet several times with no noticeable changes in her behavior). We appreciate that Heather helped us understand the underlying issue and gave us tools and suggestions to use for the future. As a result, we are now able to think of Charlie’s behavior with more compassion and understanding.

Heather has a very gentle manner with dogs, seems to hone into their personality immediately and has a keen intuition. She has deep knowledge about dogs’ physically, emotionally, and behaviorally and is punctual, professional and friendly. Charlie really liked her and we highly recommend Heather.